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    《中国推介》温县:温润天下 逐梦向上

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    日期:2020-01-17 14:43:20    来源:河南县域经济网    

      “这里是太极圣地,万众景仰;"Here is the holy land of Tai Chi admired by all people.
      这里是怀药之都,惠泽八方;Here is the capital of the Huai medicine which benefits all sides.
      这里是司马故里,文脉厚重;Here is the hometown of Sima with a strong context.
      这里是院士之乡,钟灵毓秀。 Here is the town of academicians, elegant and graceful.
      这里就是‘世界太极城、 This is the "world Tai Chi city,
      中原养生地’——温县, health care place of central plains" -- Wen county,
      我可爱美丽的家乡。my lovely and beautiful hometown.
      大家好!Hello everyone!
      我是温县县委书记毛文明,I am Mao Wenming, secretary of the party committee of Wen county.
      非常高兴邀请您一起 I am very glad to invite you to
      ‘走进千年古温,'walk into the ancient Wen of thousand years
      穿越时光画卷’。” and walk through the scroll of time'."
      【蕴万家 文脉劲节】
      Integrity culture accumulate thousand families
      温县历史悠久,Wen county has a long history
      文化厚重。and profound culture.
      这里古称温国,It was called Wen country in ancient time.
      已有2600多年的历史, It has a history of more than 2,600 years
      是温、苏、邢、覃等姓氏的起源地。and is the origin of the surnames Wen, Su, Xing and Qin.
      地处河洛汇流之处,Located at the confluence of Heluo,
      是河洛文化的核心区,it is the core area of Heluo culture,
      仰韶文化、二里头文化在此交相辉映。 where Yangshao culture and Erlitou culture complement each other.
      卜子夏在这里设教授业,Bu Zixia teach here,
      司马懿在这里招贤纳士,Sima Yi recruited talents here,
      郭熙在这里挥洒丹青;and Guo Xi draw paintings here.
      这里人文荟萃, The humanities gathered here,
      走出了董作宾、王光远、王梦恕、having Dong Zuobin, Wang Guangyuan, Wang Mengshu,
      郭东明、李同保、张统一六位院士;Guo Dongming, Li Tongbao, and Zhang Tongyi six academicians.
      这里是太极圣地,Here is the holy land of Tai Chi,
      诞生了行云流水、Giving birth to the natural and smooth,
      刚柔并济的太极拳, softness and strength Taijiquan.
      经过三百多年的传承与发展,After more than 300 years of inheritance and development,
      已传播到全球150多个国家和地区,it has spread to more than 150 countries and regions around the world
      习练者达数亿人,and has been practiced by hundreds of millions of people.成为中国对外文化交流的一张靓丽名片。Becoming a beautiful business card for China's foreign cultural exchanges.
      【越千载 物宝勃发】
      Product treasure break out over thousand years
      温县物产丰富。Wen county is rich in products.
      这里是怀山药、怀地黄、Here is the origin of the "four major Huai medicines" of Huai yams, Huai rehmannia rehmannia,
      怀菊花、怀牛膝“四大怀药”的原产地,Huai chrysanthemum and Huai achyranthes bidentata blume,
      特别是“铁棍山药”,especially the "iron yam",
      品质道地、药食同源、because of its authentic quality, homology of medicine and food,
      阴阳中和、功效独特, neutralization of Yin and Yang, and unique efficacy,
      被誉为“神仙之食”。reputed as "the food of the gods".
      温县是全国闻名的优质小麦种子繁育基地,Wen county is a nationally famous high quality wheat seed breeding base,
      小麦单产保持全国领先水平,wheat yield per unit area maintains the leading level in the country,
      “温麦”系列品种为国家粮食安全贡献了“温县力量”。"Wen wheat" series varieties contribute "Wen county strength" to the national food security .
      【揽百丈 霞蔚润色】
      Pull beautiful scenery into hundred zhang
      温县生态优美。Wen county has beautiful ecology.
      这里是中国十大休闲旅游县、Here are China's top ten leisure tourism counties
      全国中医药健康旅游示范区。and the national demonstration zone for traditional Chinese medicine and health tourism.
      黄河、沁河等13条河流穿境而过;13 rivers such as the Yellow River and Qin River pass through.
      25公里的环城水系蜿蜒曲折,25 kilometers of the surrounding city water system meandering,
      子夏湖、慈胜湖点缀其中,Zixia Lake and Cisheng Lake are dotted,
      形成了“水城相融,城水相依”的秀美景观,forming a beautiful landscape of "water and city blend, city and water interdependent".
      “绿荫温县、水润温县”的多彩画卷正在徐徐展开。The colorful pictures of "green Wen county and water Wen county" are slowly unfolding.
      【启云程 发轫新篇】
      Start journey, develop new chapter
      温县是创业高地。Wen county is an entrepreneurial highland.
      《印象·太极》在这里舞动绽放,"Impression · Tai Chi" is dancing and blooming here,
      现代化工业园区在这里蓬勃发展,and modern industrial parks are flourishing here,
      形成了装备制造、食品加工、forming industrial clusters of equipment manufacturing, food processing,
      定制家居、中医药生产等产业集群。custom home furnishing and traditional Chinese medicine production.
      温县产业集聚区已跻身全省30强, Wen county industrial agglomeration area has ranked among the top 30 in the province,
      是科技部中国创新驿站河南省区域站点、 is the regional station in Henan province of China's innovation station of the ministry of science and technology,
      河南省知名品牌示范区。and the demonstration area of well-known brands in Henan province.
      大鹏一日同风起,Roc fly with the wind,
      扶摇直上九万里。straight up to the sky.
      今日之温县,Today’s Wen county,
      在习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想指引下,under the guidance of Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,
      大力弘扬“崇文尚武、创新创造、vigorously promotes the spirit of Wen county in the new era of "worship of literature and martial arts, innovation and creation,
      时不我待、追求卓越”的新时代温县精神,time waits for no man, and the pursuit of excellence",
      正在奋力谱写“千年古县”更加绚丽多彩的新篇章。and is striving to write a more colorful new chapter of "millennium ancient  county".


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